About me


Anabella St. Peter is a Local Childcare Consultant with Cultural Care Au Pair in Santa Fe, NM.  Anabella, a native from Argentina, has been in the U.S for over fifteen years.

She first moved to New York City with her husband, where she worked at art museums, schools, and for other organizations as a museum and dance educator. In 2004 she moved to Santa Fe where her identical twin daughters were born a year later. Anabella has been creating and  teaching for over twenty years art and movement programs for children and families. She currently creates programs for the The Georgia O’ Keeffe Museum, The Santa Fe Children’s Museum, and  Kingston Residence.  Anabella also offers programs for children at special events with Fun Art for Children.

As a Local Childcare Consultant, Anabella is the liaison between the host families and au pairs in Santa Fe and the company that is based in Boston, Massachusetts.  She loves working with both host families and au pairs offering support during their time together.

If you are looking for flexible, affordable  and quality childcare please contact Anabella with any questions you may have. She can help you find the perfect au pair for your family.

Anabella St. Peter

Local Childcare Consultant

Santa Fe, NM

Email: anabella.stpeter@lcc.culturalcare.com

Phone: (505) 992-3261 home/office

Website: http://ast.aupairnews.com